About me

charipro seijisaito
Seiji Saito

Meguro Ward, Tokyo. July 28th, 1965
 Cycling Coach
 Personal Trainer / Physical Therapist

【Personal Specs】
Height 177cm
Weight 63kg
BPM 36〜202/min
Body Fat 6%
Hobbies Motor sports, and going out at night for pleasure.
Personal Philosophy Devotion to Professionalism

Yearning to be a part of the road races in Europe, I started my cycling career with a "race debut" at the age of 14.
Signed a professional contract of 1988. I became a professional cyclist at the age of 24, participating in various road races throughout Europe, America, and Australia.
In 1995, I extended my professional activities to include "personal training", and presently have a contract as a professional trainer with a fitness gym.
In addition to my work as a professional cyclist and trainer or cycling coach, I have also established a cycling school, and to ensure the longevity of the sport in Japan, I am actively engaged in the personal development of young talented cyclists.
Also Consulting and Coordinate services related to cycling, In addition Guidance to the practitioner performing the treatment
Continues to receive sponsorship as a professional cyclist as well as continue to provide personal training services.

Activities from 1995 as a cycling coach. and working as a personal trainer since 2001. also business alliance with "Samadhi health club" from 2012. and Business alliance with "NEXT Akasaka Base" As a facility of the indoor Training Than 2018.

Than 2018 For the purpose of recovering injury and trouble "C Professional Conditioning Room" Start operation. We also have "Medical Support" for athletes and teams.